Schwardt Insurance Broker takes care of the security of your existence
Schwardt Insurance Broker takes care of the security of your existence
Schwardt Insurance Broker takes care of the security of your existence

Property Insurance


Loss or damage of equipment might be threatening to the existence. An insurance enables to make such events calculable and to include the business cost calculation. We insure mobile and immobile assets against all risks that can be insured. This includes fire, robbery/vandalism, tap water, storm basing on an all risk cover. We are your realiable partner in finding the right insurance sum for avoiding any underinsurance

Trade and Industry

Times are getting harder and the pressure of competition increaes steadily. Every company has to calculate scarcer and under this aspect, a liability loss might easily lead to a economical ruin. To avoid this we care for your business insurances and offer optimal safeguarding to fair conditions. Knowing this, you can just focus on leading your company.

Public Liability Insurance

As an entrepreneur you are legally bound to replace a damage to any third party which is caused by your company. Further tighthenings in liability charge the company’s duty. You not just bear liability when e.g. a customer slips in your business premises but also in case of damages that are caused by your products and services. A public liabilty insurance will decreases your financial risk.

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Business Content Insurance

A business content insurance offers insurance coverage for your entire inventory as well as your facilities against risks of fire, robbery, tap water and storm. This guarantees that the loss of goods, inventories and facilities does not necessarily lead to financial ruin of your company.

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Fire Risk Insurance

A fire risk insurance does not only refer to damages caused by a fire. It also offers coverage in case of damages of insured properties caused by lightning, explosion or falling, manned missiles. Furthermore, damages caused by fire-fighting operations are covered by the fire risk insurance. The often occuring high clearance consts are covered by the fire risk insurance.

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Burglary, Theft, Robbery

Protection against financial loss due to theft or robbery within the building or property is offered by the burglary insurance. Theft on transport ways as well as damages caused by vandalism due to a burglary is also covered.

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Water Pipe Damages

Water pipe damages might be followed by high costs of repair. Running taps in the company or a bolted pipe are often the cause for extensive building damages. An adequate insurance offers comprehensive coverage against water pipe damages and their consequences.

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Storm- and Hail-Insurance

In case of damages caused by direct or indirect storm influence (from wind force 8) or a damage caused by storm and hail.

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Business Interruption Insurance

An idle company often leads to financial ruin. The business interruption insurance secures in case of lost profit and substitutes the payment of running costs, e.g. salaries and wages. The Business Interruption Iinsurance is normally bounded to the risks of the Business Content Insurance!

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Business Building Insurance

Your business buildings are an important part of your equity. Are these buildings sufficiently insured? The business buildings insurance offers protection against consequences due to damages caused by fire, tap water, storm and hail. It takes over renovation costs after a damage or rebuilding costs after a total loss. An additional rent insurance offers further financial security in case of loss of rent.

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Plant Insurance/Transport Insurance

Pushing the wrong button might have disastrous consequences. A computer or a machine gets easily broken. Things get easily broken on the transportation ways as well. Are your business facilities insured properly? Allow us to advise you in this topic. As individual your company is, as different are our insurance sectors.

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Glass Insurance

The glass insurance secures your company in case of damages of external and internal glazing such as shop windows, windows, doors, roofings, showcases, mirrors, picture glazing and a lot more. In case of glass damages the insurer has the right to replacement in kind which means that the insurer has the right to choose the executing glazing company. So please agree with the insurer on the glazing workshop before reparations start. It has to accept the insurer’s preset prices!

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Loan Insurance

A loan insurance protects the insurant, so the creditor, against risks and dangers which might occur due to the granting of loans. It protects in the following cases:

Commercial Credit (e.g. Trade Credit Insurance for National Claims and Export Claims)
Loan Insurance and Insurance of Merchandise in hire purchase businesses (e.g. bill credit)
Export Credit (e.g. Export guarantuee and suretyships)

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Jewellers Block Insurance

Jewellery and watch collections, sample collections, raw materials and raw components are usually insured. We have agreed on own coverage concepts with many insurers that consider specific needs in the sector and distinguish from standard policies which are offered on the insurance market. Good relationships to German insurers and to London’s insurance market ensure sensible solutions even for exposed risks. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to book specific safety trainings under more favorable conditions.

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A fire or water pipe damages might have disastrous consequences, a burglary could destroy the entire assets. A missing protection of private assets – mobile as household goods or immobile as residential buildings – might even ruin life long achievements. Collections, works of art or jewellery which has been bought over years might disapper over night. The appartment or house could be uninhabitable after a fire or a pipe burst for a long time.

We take care for finding the proper insurance form, support in determining the value of art objects, jewellery and other objects of value as well as defining the right insurance coverage.

Liability Insurance

The duty of payments for damages is to be fullfilled unlimited up to a duration of 30 years with present and future assets. A little mistake or an accidental fault might have runious consequences for one’s own existence. The debt might has to be settled over years with the own income and the entire assets. In these cases a liability insurance is of advantage as it pays for material losses in most of the cases.

Private Liability Insurance
It is very important for you and your family as it covers your privacy in which you can become liable to pay for damages cause by your actions. If no restricitions are made, the following persons are insured: the insurant, its spouse / partner, unmarried children until their direct first graduation in a job after school. The liability insurance releases the insured persons from claims for damages and covers damages until the sum insured which is named in the insurance policy.

Animal Holder’s Liability Insurance
If you have a dog or a horse, an animal holder’s liability insurance becomes necessary. The legislator obligates the aninmal holder to compensation – even without fault. Animals’ behavior is often unpredictable and you therefore should not want to save on a liability insurance for your four-legged friend.

Building Owner’s Liability Insurance
Everybody who executives a building project on one’s own or by a third party becomes a building owner. As a building owner you are confronted with cases of liabilities on every corner. A fallen hoarding on a parking car, playing children who get injured on the dangerous construction site – on such events the building owner’s liablity insurance appeals.

House and Property Liability Insurance
A liability insurance is essential for house and property owners. If tenants, visitors or pedestrians come to any harm on your property (fallen tiles, insufficiently cleared sidewalks) this insurance pays compensation. Self-used one family houses/condominiums are categorized under the insurance coverage of the private liability insurance.

Water Pollution Liability Insurance (Fuel Tank Insurance)
Who heats with fuel bears liability for leaking fuel. These damages can be covered through a water pollution liability insurance (also fuel tank insurance). Owners of a heating fuel tank – this might also be tentans of a house or an appartment with an oil heating – are obligated with a particular strict liability. They have to bear the consequences of a pollution of the ground water and of waters due to leaking heating oil independent of their fault. If the fuel tank of a central heating leaks, the removal of the leaking oil can cost a fortune. 1 Litre heating oil is enough to contaminate 1 million litres water. If the ground water is affected or if a habitat is damaged, the extent of such a damage might threaten the causer’s financial existence.

Small Craft Insurance
Owners of a motorboat need a small craft insurance. This became clear ever since Götz George fought through a claim for damages worth millions. As soon as a boat is equipped with a motor, the owner schould conclude a small craft insurance. Liability damages caused by row boats and canoes are handled by the private liabilty insurance.

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Household Insurance

Furniture, televisions, stereo systems, clothings, porcelain, photgraphic equipment and other household goods are in sum of precious woth. On average they amount to a sum of two to three net salaries a year. A loss is not easily to cope with. Not only a burglary can be costly for you but also the consequences of a fire, lightning, gas explosion, water pipe breakage, broken pipes of washing machines and dishwashers or damages caused by storm and hail. With a sufficient high insurance sum your entire household is compensated up to its original value in case of an insured event. Costs that arise due to the unhabitability of the appartment after a damage, is also covered by the household insurance, e.g. if you and your family have to live temporarily in a hotel or pension. Under certain circumstances the household insurance does even apply on vacation trips.

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Home Insurance

Your house can rarely be protected against unforseeable events of damage but due to proper insurances the financial consequences can be cushioned. Besides the regularly arising maintenance, renovation or reparation, the protection of unforseeable risks and the consequences involved are part of a proactive house owner’s tasks. A storm or hail can come up out of the blue, a sudden break out of fire or a water pipe breakage can lead to a catastrophe which not rarely cause a financial ruin of the owner. A home insurance keeps you on the the safe side.

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Legal Protection

According to a saying: „Be right and be given the right are two different things“. Those who are right first have to proof this – and this might be costly. You easily get into a situation in which a legal expenses insurance becomes necessary for pushing through one’s right without financial risk. Even lawyer’s fees might take on enormous proportions. There are a lot of examples: When buying a used vehicle you might get to a seller who keeps previous damages of the car in secret. A vacation trip promised as paradisiac does not meet the demand. In case of an accident the liability situation is unclear and you have to fight your right. Everyday occurences which easily rise to sturdy legal disputes that might consumes a lot of time and nerves.  A legal expenses insurance protects in the preiviously named examples – even in the entire European foreign countries. The legal expenses insurance hedges the risk which is linked to the assertion of legal interests. Costs for a lawyer are also taken over by the legal expenses insurance in European foreign countries.

Legal expenses insurances are as diverse as the disputes in life:

  • Familienrechtschutz-
  • Verkehrsrechtschutz-
  • Firmenrechtschutz-
  • Vereinsrechtschutz-
  • Fahrerrechtschutzversicherung
  • Schadenersatz-Rechtsschutz
  • Vertrags- und Sachenrechts-Rechtsschutz
  • Arbeits-Rechtsschutz
  • Wohnungs- und Grundstücks-Rechtsschutz
  • Steuer-Rechtsschutz
  • Disziplinar- und Standes-Rechtsschutz
  • Straf- sowie Ordnungswidrigkeiten-Rechtsschutz
  • Fahrzeug-Rechtschutz
  • Fahrer-Rechtschutz
  • Privat- und Berufs-Rechtschutz für Nichtselbständige und Selbständige
  • Rechtschutz für Firmen und Vereine
  • Landwirtschafts- und Verkehrsrechtschutz

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Construction Insurance

The building object is exposed to many risks during the construction period: Forces of nature, failure during planning and construction as well as statically calculations might lead to considerable financial losses. Non-fulfillment of contracts by companies that are involved in the construction even if anything is ruled by the contract, can lead to a total loss. A contract performance guarantee can help to minimize these risks.

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The motor vehicle liability insurance is a compulsory insurance. Not only the contribution but also the conditions of the contract, the contratcual obligations and the insurer’s service availability are to be considered.

As an insurance broker we not only find a cheap motor insurance but also support you in the contract processing and claims settlements. We offer individual solutions for individual risks and vehicle fleets.

  • Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Partial Comprehensive Insurance
  • Full Comprehensive Insurance

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