Schwardt Insurance Broker covers your personal risks
Schwardt Insurance Broker covers your personal risks
Schwardt Insurance Broker covers your personal risks

Personal insurance


Regardless of whether industrial or private caused claims, legal or also contractually justified compensation claims are initiated and their fulfillment could cost the existence. After all, in general everybody bears unlimited liability for damages caused by one. Personal insurances by Schwardt Insurance Broker cover the entire range of possible damages but also pension solution for diseases and seniority.

Health Insurance

There are thousand of diseases but only one health. And this is to be preserved – through private or statutory health insurances. According to your personal financial situation, you have a choice of health insurance companies but offers and possibilities are diverse. We are familiar with the labyrinth of companies and are keen to advise you about changing a company and insurance obligation. Choosing the right company is decisive for your health and your family’s health. It is not rare that the familiy benefit department disburden you from a few hundred euros each year.

We advise you individually in the following topics:

  • Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Revision in Denture
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Nursing Care Insurance
  • Private Supplementary Insurance
  • Severe Diseases

Disability Insurance

The disability insurance is one of the most important, almost indispensable, insurances. If one becomes unable to work due to an accident or disease, one’s lifestyle and the family’s lifestyle is put on line because statutory safeguards are low. The accident insurance alone is not sufficient because most of disabilties are caused by diseases. A safeguard through daily sickness allowance is not sufficient. A private disability insurance is therefore crucial in worst-case scenarios.

We are familiar with the market of insurers and advice you in the underlying conditions as well as in the fees included. We will find and design the insurance coverage that suits you best.

Accident Insurance

There are 8 million accidents each year in Germany. Over 70 % occur in private life, e.g. when doing sports, while doing domestic work or gardening. What most of the people do not know: If you are unable to work, the statutory accident insurance only bears liability during working hours and during the direct return way to the workplace. Children are insured while being at kindergarten or at school and on their return way to these. In all other cases you need a private accident insurance.

The private accident insurance protects you and your family

  • in your leisure time
  • at work
  • on the road
  • while doing sports
  • on journeys
  • day and night
  • worldwide

What is covered by the accident insurance?

  • Disablement Payment
  • Accidental Death
  • Daily Hospital Benefits and Recovery Money
  • Daily Allowance
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Transitional Allowance
  • Health Resort Costs Aid
  • Rescue Costs

Feel free to contact us. We will give you more details in a personal talk.

Pension Insurance

Our pension insurance covers the entire range of pension schemes – occupational, state-aided or self-financed. We also offer sensible solutions for the protection ofthe family in case of a sudden death or disability insurances. Most solvent insurers are considered as well as approved comparison programmes and rating methods are used in order to reach the highest possible level of security.
Drafting of occupational pension funds, shareholder-CEO-pension schemes and the establishment of actuarial opinions are included in our service. We offer insurances for severe diseases, healt insurances – either as fully comprehensive or complementary insurance – as well as travel health insurances

EU Transparency Regulation (german TVO)

Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27.11.2019 on sustainability-related disclosure requirements in the financial services sector

Sustainability is an important topic for us!

Therefore, we also advise our customers individually and personally on sustainable investments in the products we broker.Currently, these can be well represented in unit-linked products through the selection of ESG-compliant investment funds. As part of the individual consultation, we point out any recognisable advantages or disadvantages.In the case of other insurance products, it is often not yet possible to consider sustainable investments with regard to their capital stock.For the brokerage of sustainable investments, we regularly receive - and are remunerated - at the same rates as for other investments.

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