Our values

What is important to us - Our core values

Values give us answers to why we do something. They provide an orientation in our daily actions and thoughts. Our corporate values reflect our inner attitude that externally can be seen. They are the basis of our work - the foundation of our success.


We are honest to each other an to our customers. We confess, take responsibility for faults and ask for help if necessary. Our own benefits do not stand above all.


One for all and all for one. Punctuality and adherence to schedules belong to our top priorities. Keeping our promises - verbal or written - is self-evident for us. We practice this attitude not only toward our customer but also in our team.


United we are strong and able to reach our goals - day for day. We provide help and support to each other in difficult issues. We learn through the exchange of our experiences and find solutions in cooperation. We can laugh with each other and take benefit of the mutual sympathy in our team.


We respect and appreciate each other as everyone assumes responsibility for the big picture. We express praise to each other in order to convey our motivation and pleasure to our customers.


Only the best is good enough. Our goal is to reach the best outcome in cooperation, to deal with our daily tasks good and even better. We motivate each other and find solutions in order to meet our customers' expectations.

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