Your classic car in good hands with Schwardt Insurance Broker
Your classic car in good hands with Schwardt Insurance Broker
Your classic car in good hands with Schwardt Insurance Broker

Oldtimer Insurances

When the best is just enough...

Who owns unique precious objects, needs unique coverage. After all, it is not just about tangible but ideally values: e.g. collector's or sentimental value.

For that, better count on a partner who is an expert for collector's cars. Who brings out the best for you as an independent insurance broker. And who guarantees, besides professional consulting, proper claim settlement if the worst comes to the worst. 

With an agreement on you car's value for guaranteeing a proper adjustment. And with keen conditions for oldtimers, youngtimers, collector's cars, veteran cars or entire collections.



Comparing pays off...

We offer many advantages:

  • Short and clear insurance conditions
  • No general “no claims-category”, therefore no upgrading in the event of damage
  • Co-insurance for further named drivers
  • Fixed insurance sum (First Loss Basis)
  • Reserve of 20 % for increases in value
  • Possible preliminary insurance coverage without a value expertise
  • Differings owners and commercial owners possible
  • Insurance of the actual, replacement or reconstruction value possible
  • Extansion of the insurance coverage to include breakdowns (e.g. engine damage) possible
  • Co-Insurance for vehicle equipment and increased expenses for parts that are no longer available
  • Refund of entry fees at events

Examples of Damage

You should not be happy with less. Especially when it comes to precious vehicles, effective insurance coverage pays off.

Oil can leaks during the braking phase: fully comprehensive insurance does not pay!
You have to brake sharply because of a traffic jam. Thereby, the oil can that is placed in the foot space is damaged and leaks. The fully comprehensive insurance does not pay because there has no external force been at work.


Spare-theft from the garage: as a rule not insured!
Annoying, if your rare and valuable replacement parts are stolen. As a rule, only those parts are insured that are fully integrated with your car. Potentially only replacement wheels or hardtops but no individual parts or disassembled parts.


Damage on the paintwork when deregistrating: retirement insurance does not pay!
When you deregister your oldtimer at winter times there exists a so called retirement insurance. Should any down falling objects damage cause damages on the paintwork, the insurance does not count.


Increase in value and restauration: under insurance threatens!
Often the increase in value is not taken into account in the insurance coverage. An adequate provison for increasing values - also, precisely during the restauration phase - is recommended. 



Valuation Reports

Concerning valuation reports there are also some things that should be kept in mind. Because they are the basis of an insurance. Especially when it comes to a total loss it is important that insurer and owner have agreed on a specific value.

What the market value is worth.
The market value defines the actual price of the vehicle. For that, the average prices on the private market are taken as a basis - but excluding the value added tax and profit margins of the seller.

What can be recreated through the replacement value.
The replacement value defines the sum that would be necessary for retrieving a vehicle of same value on the commercial market. Value added tax as well as profit of the seller are taken into account in this case.

Why the restoration value ist of most value.
The restoration value combines acquisition cost and invenstment cost. This is interesting for those, who have restored their vehicle or equipped the vehicle with value increasing modifications.

Play safe.
With a valuation report that is appropriate to your classis car. And with an insurance that offers complete coverage. We will be pleased to give you advise - competent, detailed and non-binding.

Choosing us...

...your car is in the best hands. Because we are specialized insurance brokers with experience and certain love to special vehicles. This is why we take care for choosing the best possible coverage for you. So that you can enjoy the beautiful aspects free from cares.


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