Neutral Advice with Schwardt Insurance Broker
Neutral Advice with Schwardt Insurance Broker
Neutral Advice with Schwardt Insurance Broker



The main part of our tasks consists of supporting middle-class business enterprises and medium-sized industrial enterprises. Our core business is the consultation of enterprises operating within the gemstone and jewelry industry in all levels of production as well as in trading. We support private customers among the owners as well as executive employees of our business customers. Our philosophy means integral advising of our customers concerning all insurance questions including personal insurances such as life, pension, health and company pension scheme.

We are operating as an insurance broker since 1996 and have long-term experience and premium contacts to the most important insurers. As a member of the association of German Insurance broker (BDVM) we fulfill its high quality requirements with regard to covering our customer’s interests and educating our employees. Our service is highly appreciated by our long-term freelancing, middle-class, commercial and private customer base. We regularly attract new customers due to recommendations of our satisfied customer base. Our common values are the fundament of our performance.

Insurance Broking

Concluding insurance through insurance brokers has great significance in Germany. At this, one can differentiate between agents, who represent one or more insurance companies, and insurance brokers acting on behalf of the insurant and represent its interest.
We solely operate as an insurance broker. We do not hold any interests in insurance companies, nor do insurance companies hold interests in us.

Criteria of Selection

Only in Germany there are over 100 insurance companies offering thousands of products and tariffs of risk coverage. Considering the European market the number rises up to hundred thousands of products and tariffs. Furthermore, insurers offer exclusive conditions to particular insurance brokers.
Our company operates with 50 insurance enterprises - as long as no other agreements have been made – on the basis of the following criteria of selection:

  • The insurer is registered in Germany or Switzerland and underlies the national financial supervision through the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority respectively the Federal Office of Private Insurances.
  • As required by insurance brokers, the insurer provides aligned information, means of labor, processes of business and contact person.
  • The insurer refunds the usual courtage for acting as a broker.


The insurance broker’s main task is the placement of the expected insurance coverage of the insurant including the related consultation. We take into account – if no other agreements exist – an adequate number of insurance companies in order to recommend a suited product for you.

We recommend annual contracts including renewal clause to grant you a highest possible flexibility. Hereby short-term reactions to changes in the market, in risk coverages and risk assessments are guaranteed.

We make use of the service of VEMA e.G. – a cooperative fusion of 2750 operating insurance brokers nationwide. The members of the VEMA e.g. and their spectrum of service are characterized by high quality.

Consultations about all commercial and private risks are accomplished through our long-term experience especially in claim settlements. In doing so, we will also take into account existing contracts.

Broker Power of Attorney, Privacy policy and Broker Mandate

The legitimation toward the insurants is regurlarly made on the basis of a Broker Power of Attorney because insurance brokers are not operating on behalf of an insurance company. In this power of attorney it is also controlled that the insurance broker is empowered to assign the agreed insurance coverage for the customer and to conduct the required correspondence.

Many insurers only present offers – especially concerning increased special risks – if the insurance broker discloses name and adress as well as all risk relevant information (in particular: pre-damages and pre-diseases, birth date, insurance sum, turnover). The scope of our service is described in the Broker Mandate.

For us, mutual trust provides the basis of the collaboration. For this reason, Broker Power of Attorney and Broker Mandate can be revoked on both sides without keeping to any special period of cancellation.

Quality Management

We take our service’s quality very seriously. Thus, we are certified following DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. An essential element of the certification is the compliance with all legal requirements, regulations about recordings and the continuous improvement process. If our service does not satisfy your needs or if you have any improvement suggestions, please get in contact with us immediately. We are thankful for every information that can improve our service quality.

Duties to Collaborate and Obligations

In order to find the requested insurance coverage properly and to guarantee that the insurer renders the contractual service, your participation is required. This shall include particularly:

  • Correct information about risk relevant circumstances when the contract is conducted (especially pre-damages, pre-dieseases, correct insurance sums and communicating risk increasing circumstances)
  • To adjust existing insurance contracts, communicating risk changes or changed needs after contract conclusion (e.g. changes in insured risks and changes in insurance sums)  is required
  • Immediate information in case of events of damages, complying with instructions and contributing to minimize damages to an acceptable extent


We are a member of the association of German Insurance Broker e.V. (BDVM). The BDVM is an association of insurance brokers who have proofed their ability for this profession, their expertise and their years of professional experience in this field. One important concern of this association is to gain general recognition of its idea of the job description of a qualified insurance broker.

Furthermore, we make use of the service range that is offered by the VEMA for our customer’s benefit. VEMA is a cooperative fusion of qualified insurance brokers. By making use of VEMA’s service range we are able to provide you insurance products to an excellent price-performance ratio.

As a qualified company, Schwardt Insurance Broker is a member of various professional associatio

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